Why do you need to be a member?

Well first this is Utah and our state liquor laws are just a bit different than other states. In order to have educational tastings and other wine events on an ongoing basis I had to develop a social members organization or club. Events are only sent out to the membership via email. Members may have friends that are not members (yet) sign up to attend an event. In short the event is not advertised to the public.*


Does PC Wine Club sell wine?

No, PCWC offers wine for your tasting or wine events, purchased from Utah state liquor and wine store or approved outlets.  People attending PCWC events can purchase the same wine in the Utah state stores.


How do I find out when the events are?

As a member you receive two emails a month with event updates, wine on sale in the Utah state store and more. In addition you can always check the website at any time to see the calendar of events and to RSVP to an event.


When does my membership renew?

Memberships are annul and renew each year at a renewal rate of $15 for an individual or $25 for two persons of the same household. Your renewal will be sent by email during the quarter in which you became a member – i.e.: You became a member in August – your renewal would be sent out in the July-September renewals the following year.


What and Why is there a cancellation fee on events?

Every event has a cancellation policy, simply due to the fact that wine has been purchased and food has been ordered based on your reservation. If you or anyone in your party cancels within 48 hours of an event, the cancellation is 50% of the event price, unless otherwise stated. I guarantee the head count for food 48 hours ahead of time and consequently pay based on that number.  If you cancel day of the event there is no refund.


Ok so you have certifications, Sommelier we understand, but what is CSW, CWE & AWE (what do they mean)?

Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW) is a rigorous exam, which tests the professionals wine knowledge and mastery of key elements within the worlds of viticulture and wine production. The prep time and study for this exam is about 1 year. CSW is a pre-requisite for CWE. This certification is widely recognized by the international wine and spirits industry.   

Certified Wine Educator (CWE) is a unique certification that not only tests a professionals wine knowledge; based on viniculture, fermentation, geography, chemistry, history and world grape varietals, but also validates his or her tasting acumen and teaching ability. The exams are extensive and candidates must pass all five exams and demonstrate the ability to successfully communicate a class lesson to a group. This course takes approx. a year and half or more of study and all fives exams and teaching demonstration must be completed before CWE designation is awarded. This certification is widely recognized and highly regarded by the international wine & spirits industry. At time of this post there are only 443 CWE’s worldwide.

American Wine Expert (AWE) is a specialized course of study focusing on the history of wine in the United States, including the impact of prohibition. The course covers the grape varieties specific to each state, including native species, hybrids and those imported, the viticulture and  production in each state and the laws in each state.


Do you offer private tastings, wine parties, and corporate events outside of wine club events – live and virtual?

Yes, you can contact Pamela to request wine concierge service for incoming travelers, private events, corporate events, wine parties, team building, virtual tastings and more.  In addition, Pamela consults on wine cellar organization and cellar management. All of this is done through a separate entity and not PC Wine Club. Contact Pamela at [email protected] to discuss and coordinate private functions.

Join the Club, Join the Fun!