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~ Wine Links ~


  Ever wonder what all the fuss is about when it comes to Wine & Food pairing?  These links offer you a guide to some basic wine & food pairing choices ~ when you pair the right wine with the right food it truly is an amazing experience for your senses.

Wine & Spirits Currently on Sale – Every month the Dept. of Alcohol and Beverage Services (DABS) puts out a Special Pricing Allowance list or SPA – showing wine and spirits on sale in our state stores.

The link will take a second to load and you will see the first page of many to browse through, showing you a wide range of both wine and spirits of the month!

~ Wine Pairing Guide ~

Another great resource here in Park City is the Fox School of Wine. Headmistress Kirsten Fox oversees this unique Wine School & is without a doubt a great way to spend quality time learning about Wine.


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